Utility & HOA

Utility & HOA

Home Owner Assocations, VPR and Utility Invoice Processing

-Research and Identification on initial assignment – Identifying local Water, Sewer, Electric Companies along with Police, HOA and VPRs
-Once confirmed through Quality Assurance we will send notifications letters to all parties (within 48 hours)
-Our database grows and learns overtime minimizing human error with high volume new assignments.
-Depending on local regulations or client statement of work we will “Activate Utilities” as necessary.
-Processing team will be used to track all payment information relevant to Home Owners Associations (HOA), Utility Companies, Municipalities
-Indemnification of all late fees and penalties due to Assero’s failure to meet Services Levels**
-Completely contained environment for identifying, tracking, and paying invoices.
-Technology aided identification using location characteristics on historical zip code assignments.

Assero will handle your company’s Invoice Management, Accounts Payable and Transaction Quality Assurance.