The Visneta application was designed and developed to support property management and asset management contracts for large government contracts. Visneta is versatile and scalable providing a significant benefit to large portfolio management with thousands of assets it also can also manage a small portfolio with one asset. All design and development for Visneta has been carefully planned around quick and simple customization without impacting existing portfolios. Technology like Visneta allow companies to approach common issues in an innovative fashion.
Increased Operational Transparency
In keeping with transparency and openness, Assero Services has developed procedures in providing an ongoing project status for all key stakeholders in a dashboard like format. The weekly and monthly reporting process includes the publication of the current status for all service level agreements (SLAs), internal QC reporting, and current and significant project events. Assero Services publishes over 500 data sets and data tools on a monthly basis for its staff and project managers.   Keeping our partners educated and involved in the performance of the project allow for better communication and clear achievable goals.
Efficiencies gained through volume eliminate overhead – Our partners in business purchase a finished product and service.  The research, administration, and day to day monotony that comes with running a business is waste.  Each day our teams come together to innovate and eliminate the middle layers and deliver services with less handlers.  In the end these efficiencies allow Assero Services to provide high quality finished services which achieve both the goals of our partners and staff.

Mobile Technology – Apple iOs and Android

Assero 24 staff and partner contractors, as well as client staff, are given the access to the Visneta web and mobile tools to provide up to the minute information on work orders, service requirements, task orders, and property specific messages to expand transparency.