Reo Field Services

Reo Field Services

Field Services Overview
Assero is a national field service company providing property preservation, maintenance, renovation & repair, inspection, HOA and Utility services, tenant occupied services, vacant property registrations and additional valuable services to some of the nation’s largest Financial Institutions, Government Sponsored Enterprises, Investors, Asset Management Companies, Banks, and our Broker Network. We understand the unique challenges facing our industry and offer comprehensive solutions that streamline the management and protection of each asset. We also realize and understand that REO clients have, as a core requirement of our services, a rapid turnaround of each assigned property to bring that asset to market. Through our client accessible internet software, our corporate headquarters, regional offices, asset managers, inspectors, and contractors have the necessary tool to provide up the minute work orders, service requirements, task orders, and property specific messages in order to meet time requirements. Our core competency in vendor management combined with our proprietary industry leading technology platform enables us to effectively measure our solutions to the industry’s growing needs.

Field Services

Quality Control– department provides exceptional operational support for your ongoing and impending projects. Assero connects the dots from the actual processes occurring in the back office directly to the field. We spend the time to focus on data, concentrating on exceptional data mining activities and analyses. We drill down to find the pinch points and unnecessary time wasted on decisions and flawed process flows to continually improve the numbers. Our reporting and visual inspection protocols can provide for 100% inspection in the field, or a defined subset of your assets, before you promote your properties to the desired level of compliance. Whether it be it “ready to show” or “ready to convey”, we can help you ensure your properties are protected and preserved to your stringent requirements, and all within our budget.
Assero can provide the following quality control activities for your projects:
-Ready to Show inspections
-FEMA inspections
-In Conveyance Condition
-Routine Inspections
-HOA/TAX/Utility payments
-Analytical Analyses of Back Office activities
-Analytical Analyses of Field Activities
Our leadership team will work with your key stakeholders to design a quality control program which will add significant value to your projects.

Inspections– Assero provides a full suite of inspection services to include but not limited to the following: Occupancy, Habitability, Drive by Exterior, Property Condition Report, Quality Control, Field, Contact, and Damage. We possess a national team of inspectors which will deliver accurate results as well as performing these services within the client requested time frame.

Initial Secure– Assero shall ensure that the property is properly secured. Securing shall include, but is not limited to, securing all unauthorized entry of main home, garages, sheds, pools, and hot tubs if needed. Boarding of all windows shall be utilized for all cracked and broken windows unless the property resides in an HOA, or upon approval of the Broker to re-glaze.

Winterization– Assero will ensure all winterizations include a thorough and complete draining of all plumbing and heating systems, the use of air pressure to clear the system and addition of non-toxic anti-freeze to toilet bowls, tanks and all traps to prevent freezing. A winterization checklist will be filled out and provided.

Safety Hazards– Once Assero identifies any health and safety conditions, we will immediately issue a work order to remedy those conditions within 2 days of the inspection and update Visneta with work orders and photographs of completion of the remedial action in order to ensure each asset is in compliance.

Debris/ Trash Removal– Assero will remove all interior and exterior debris and hazardous materials from the property to ensure it is in a safe and marketable condition. Debris are disposed of at local landfill facilities, and never left for the municipality to remove.

Initial Cleaning– Assero conducts the Initial Cleaning of a property with great attention to detail converting the interior of the property into show ready condition. Our comprehensive interior clean includes the following: vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl and tile floors, wipe down all cabinets and counter tops, scrub and sanitize all toilets, bathtubs and showers. All appliances are emptied and thoroughly cleaned. We will provide air fresheners in all wet rooms at the property monthly.

Initial Lawn Maintenance– Assero provides full on landscaping services and will perform lot cleanup, lawn mowing, edging, weeding of flower beds, trimming, hedge and shrub clipping, tree trimming, and removal of all clippings upon assignment of a property to ensure it is being maintained to the highest standard.

Ongoing Exterior Services– Assero will provide complete exterior maintenance to a property throughout its life cycle to include lot cleanup, lawn mowing, edging, weeding of flower beds, trimming, hedge and shrub clipping, tree trimming, and removal of all clippings. Frequency of service can be client specific to include weekly, bi- weekly, or monthly service offerings.

Ongoing Interior Services– Assero performs monthly routine interior cleans to maintain the property in a “ready to show” condition, leaving a consistently clean, and safe environment. Our refresh sales cleans include the following: vacuum carpets, wet mop vinyl and tile floors, wipe down all cabinets and counter tops, scrub and sanitize all toilets, bathtubs and showers. Dust vents, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. All appliances are wiped down and thoroughly cleaned. We provide new air fresheners in all wet rooms at the property monthly.

Ongoing Inspections– Assero offers monthly inspections and property checklists to ensure the property is secure, free of vandalism, and in compliance with safety hazards. Inspection forms and reporting can be customized to meet the client requirement.

REO Repair– We also specialize in the quick turnover for REO construction services which generally include carpet, paint, and the installation of appliances. Along with every project comes a very stringent Quality Control process which ensures quality, workmanship, and timeliness of service. Through sophisticated software developed specifically for any construction project we can manage, audit, and report on every aspect of a construction project regardless of the size, scope of work, and scheduled timing. We have demonstrated success and added value to our clients that utilized our services.

Vacant Property Registration– Assero provides a dedicated team to research and register vacant properties throughout the nation. We will identify properties that are in areas where registration is required. We include registration, re-registration, and de-registration when necessary. Assero’s dedicated VPR team is well versed in all registration requirements.

Tennant Occupied Services– Assero provides an assortment of services for tenant occupied homes. Our services are intended to maintain the habitability of a property during its occupancy cycle as well as preserve the value of the asset. Assero provides repair specialists to perform any type of repair identified through the initial habitability inspection to maintain the home in compliance with our client requirements. Assero will perform any expected maintenance at the property in accordance with the client lease agreement. Our services include inspections, 24/7 emergency repairs, maintenance services, as well as a full list of reporting specifically designed to meet our client’s needs.