Our Values

Our Philosophy and what we set out to build...

We exist to foster the business of our clients. The work we do for them is treated as work we would do if we owned their companies, without regard to our own short-term interest. Long-term transparent partnerships are the greatest asset we protect.

Our team saw the need for Field Service Companies, Brokers, and Sales to better listen to each other. As the industry has and will continue to evolve, Assero has become an industry leader through closely working with its partners to provide innovative solutions.

Trust is the lubricant to our engine, reducing friction and allowing our environment to flow. We don't trust rules; we trust the people who execute them to exceed our client's expectations. These solutions provide Assero and 24 Asset's clients with a single source for real estate and mortgage field services, a single point of contact, and a cost-effective solution to managing homes.

Technology eliminates redundancy and waste. The largest roles in efficiencies gained are created from continually advancing the technology which drives the operations. Assero's staff searches for wasted efficiencies as opportunities for growth. Assero and its partner's focus is to maximize the client's return on investment through responsive, flexible, and personalized service to surpass the competition.

Assero recognizes the necessity for regular performance data, scorecards, and reporting to be accompanied by compliance and business viability documentation. Technology has provided the transparency necessary to perform at the highest levels. Assero is fully-committed to ensuring that all clients maintain the utmost level of confidence in all solutions and services (both front-line and behind the scenes).

Draw a clear road map for getting the job done!

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The Assero Team helps you protect your assets and your business. It’s that simple!


The Assero Team helps you protect your assets and your business. It’s that simple!


The Assero Team helps you protect your assets and your business. It’s that simple!

Field Services Overview

Assero is a national field service company providing property preservation, maintenance, renovation & repair, inspection, HOA and Utility services, tenant occupied services, vacant property registrations, and additional valuable services to some of the nation's largest Financial Institutions, Government Sponsored Enterprises, Investors, Asset Management Companies, Banks, and our Broker Network. We understand the unique challenges facing our industry and offer comprehensive solutions that streamline the management and protection of each asset. We also realize and understand that REO clients have, as a core requirement of our services, a rapid turnaround of each assigned property to bring that asset to market. Through our client, accessible internet software, our corporate headquarters, regional offices, asset managers, inspectors, and contractors have the necessary tool to provide up-to-the-minute work orders, service requirements, task orders, and property-specific messages in order to meet time requirements. Our core competency in vendor management combined with our proprietary industry-leading technology platform enables us to effectively measure our solutions to the industry's growing needs and manage by the exceptions that we discover.

Inspections - Assero provides a full suite of inspection services to include but not limited to the following: Occupancy, Habitability, Drive by Exterior, Property Condition Report, Quality Control, Field, Contact, and Damage. We possess a national team of inspectors that will deliver accurate results as well as perform these services within the client's requested time frame.

Initial Secure - Assero shall ensure that the property is properly secured. Securing shall include, but is not limited to, securing all unauthorized entry of the main home, garages, sheds, pools, and hot tubs if needed. Boarding of all windows shall be utilized for all cracked and broken windows unless the property resides in an HOA, or upon approval of the Broker to re-glaze.

Winterization - Assero will ensure all winterizations include a thorough and complete draining of all plumbing and heating systems, the use of air pressure to clear the system and the addition of non-toxic anti-freeze to toilet bowls, tanks and all traps to prevent freezing. A winterization checklist will be filled out and provided.

Safety Hazards - Once Assero identifies any health and safety conditions, we will immediately issue a work order to remedy those conditions within 2 days of the inspection and update Visneta with work orders and photographs of completion of the remedial action in order to ensure each asset is in compliance with it's relevant specifications.

Quality work

Quality work

We strive to do our best under the toughest of circumstances.

Quality People

Quality People

We have the best people to get the job done right, within your budget and on schedule!

Quality Results

Quality Results

We have results that show time and time again. Our management team and their support staff are focused on the quality of the end product.